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"Also providing a strong comedic performance is Brian Esposito... playing an eighteen year old who hasn't had much experience with alcohol, Esposito's... ensuing sloppiness is very entertaining."



"Brian Esposito... was on fine acting form himself, being endearingly earnest as the child priest, Simon in "Recess Wedding." It takes a special kind of actor who can look completely natural wearing a cardboard crown, cape, and Superman t-shirt. Esposito is just such an actor."



"Not only does YouTuber Brian Esposito have an amazing voice, but he single-handedly nails all of the vocal parts to Beauty and the Beast's "Little Town (Belle's Song)." At the end of his daring and shocking performance, the singer took a rightful bow followed by cheers and a much deserved clapping ovation. 

Attention, Disney: we've found your next star!"


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